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Share Drive- What Does it Hold?

Do you want to know how useful the share drive is in our client portal? Let’s have a glance.

Share drive is an important module where you can see the list of all the files you have uploaded as well as the reviewed summaries.

File Manager

The file manager contains two folders.

My files

This folder will have all the case files uploaded by you for medical record review. When you click the client files folder, it will open the list of case file folders in that folder.

When you click whichever file you want to view, it will open all the individual files there. You can upload more records by clicking the add more records button.


Shared with me

You can see all the medical summaries and other reviewed records of your medical charts submitted to you here. By clicking the folder, you can see all the case file folders submitted to you and download the entire folder by clicking the download button.

You can either download the entire folder or the individual files as you need. Click the download button for the file you need, and it will be saved to the file location you give.