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Do you want to give the dashboard access to any of your team mates?

You can do it with ease in the collaborators section.


When you click the collaborators, a page will open with a pop up to remind you to sign the agreements to proceed further.

Only if you haven’t signed the BAA, SOW and MSA agreements earlier, you would get this. Click sign now button and complete the signing procedure.

Once you complete the signing or if you have signed earlier, you can see an Add Member button.


Click the button and now you can create new collaborators.


Provide the below listed details of the person you wish to give access to.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email ID
  • Job title

Specify the dashboard modules you want your team member to have access.

  • Main
  • Case Management
  • Billing
  • Share Drive
  • Contracts
  • Settings

Click add member button, the member will be added to the list and you can see the kinds of access he/she has near the name. See an active button, which you can enable or disable as per need.

The team member can access only the modules for which you have given access to.

Add as many team members as you need.