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Frequently Asked Questions


 1. What types of services does LezDo provide?

We provide services like medical chronology, deposition summary, demand letter, narrative summary, APS summarization, medical opinion, medical record retrieval, and life care planning.

2. How do I get started with your service?

Sign-up to start your journey with LezDo. Click the free trial button and complete the sign-up procedures to upload your first case for a free trial in our client portal.

3. How long will it take to retrieve the medical records I need?

Normally it will take 7 to 20 days to retrieve the records. The retrieval time will also vary depending on the facility, provider, and significance of the records.

4. What are the benefits of outsourcing medical record review services to you?

Get our high-quality record reviews within a quicker TAT for an affordable price. Our pinpointed/ fact-oriented record summaries save you time in searching for the strengths and weaknesses of the claim in the hefty records.

5. What are the types of cases you could work on?

We focus on personal injury, mass tort, medical malpractice, product liability, workers’ compensation, and nursing home injury and abuse claims.

6. How many pages can you summarize in an hour?

We would summarize approximately 30-40 pages per hour for medical chronology and narrative summaries. It would be around 20 pages per hour for deposition summaries.

7. Do you follow a template for the medical record review and analysis?

We approach each case as if it were the first. We have templates, but our review reports are tailored to each client’s needs.

8. Can you work with our case management system?

Offering high-class medical chart reviews for law firms, we are well-capable of working on the case management systems like Trial Works or Needles. We can also work on litigation management suites like CaseMap by Lexis Nexis.

9. How will you work on additional medical records?

We work on additional medical records as the case progresses and the patient still undergoes treatment with the healthcare provider.

10. How do you charge for additional records?

We charge only for the fresh additional records we summarize. No additional cost will be charged to you for the records already done by us.

11. Can you tell me about your free trial?

We offer a free trial for up to 500 pages of medical records. You have to sign up with us to get the free trial. Once you customize your needs, we complete the free trial review.

12. What happens after the free trial?

After the free trial, if you are satisfied with our medical record review services, you can sign the agreement to enjoy our services for as long as you wish.