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Client Portal/ Case Drive

1What is Case Drive meant for?

Case Drive is our highly secured client portal to make your case management a hassle-free one. You can upload your case files, follow the work progress, view the bills, and get your finished products delivered safely.

2. Will the Case Drive be user-friendly?

Of course, its aim is to make our medical record review process and billing transparent, and you can manage all the processes in one place. To get familiar with our Case Drive, kindly go through our getting started video tour.

3. How will you deliver the finished product?

Once the medical record review is over, the files will be uploaded to the Case Drive, and an email with the location link will be sent to your registered email.

4. How will I upload my case files through your Case Drive?

You can upload your files from two locations in our client portal. On the main page of the dashboard, you will have two options to drop new records and additional records. Even in the case management module, under case lists, you get the same options to upload your files.

5. How do I know the status of my files?

Under the Case Management module, you can view the status of all your cases.

6. Will the same manager deal with us each time?

Absolutely, you will have a dedicated manager to help you with all of your needs and inquiries. Also, a committed group of people will be working on your reviews.