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Are you concerned about data security while using our case drive?

We have solution for your concern in our contracts module.

When you click the documents section under Contracts, you can see three agreements there.

  • HIPAA BAA- Business Associate Agreement
  • SOW- Scope of Work
  • MSA- Master Service Agreement


Each of the agreement has a view button. You can look through the terms and conditions and contemplate on them before signing the agreement.


On top of the agreement, you can see a button Start Signing. Once you click that a window opens, where you can type, draw or upload your signature.


In BAA and MSA, agreements, while you sign, you have to give the signatory’s name and designation.

While signing SOW agreement, you have to add the name, email ID and designation of the project head and the member to be contacted along with the signatory’s details.


You can download the documents any time you need by clicking the download button. It will be automatically saved to your desktop documents.

download-your-documents-from-the contracts-module