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Signing agreement

If you are satisfied with our free trial services and wish to enjoy our services more, you can peruse our Agreement.


We have the below agreements ready for you.

  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Scope of Work agreement (SOW)
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA)

Scrutinize and assent to the terms and conditions.

When you click the agreement, it opens with a caprion to read through the documents before signing them.


Once you click the button, you can see a window with options to type, draw or upload signature.


Here you can type, draw, or upload your sign as shown in the above image.

While upload ing the signature, make sure it should be in an image format. you can either drag and drop the file or browse from your documents.

When you finish, a pop-up notifies you that you have successfully signed. You can access your contract agreement by clicking here.

You can also view and download your agreements anytime from the Contracts in the dashboard.

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