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On-Board Process


The onboarding process consists of six distinct steps, as shown in the above picture.

Step 1: Personal information


The basic information you gave in the signup will pop in here automatedly.

Type in

  • Your job title
  • Contact number
  • Company size
  • Address

Click “Next Step”

Step 2: Desired services


You can discover the medical record review services and add-on services, as well as the number of cases we can anticipate per month.

When you select a desired service, the related free add-on services will be enabled automatically. Now select the number of cases we can anticipate every month. Remember, it is mandatory to fill in all the fields.

Turn on your specific requirements here.

Click “Next Step”

Step 3: Preferred template

templates-for-the already-chosen-servoices-and-add-ons-appear-here

Glance through our templates for the services you have selected earlier by clicking the view button.

Do you have your own template?

Clicking Yes for “I have my own template” will open a window. Drop your template there.

Let us know if we have to use your template only for reference or if you want us to use the same format as in your template.

Click No, if you don’t have a template and choose one of our templates you need us to follow.

Click “Next Step”

Step 4: Customize template 


Do you wish to add more customization to your template? Select yes and proceed to the questionnaire specifications.

Do you wish to tailor your own new template? Mold your template with desired requirements in the questionnaire (with nine questions). Click start and select the answers one by one.

What if you choose our template?

You like our template. But still, you feel some customization is needed.

In that case, use our questionnaire to customize the template to your preferences.

A yellow bar, as in the below picture, will show the progression when you tick off each question.


( Note:  Are you baffled by the arrow and back button?

The Left arrow will take you back to the previous question.

The Back button will get you back to the previous step.)

Once you complete customizing the template, Click “Next Step”

Step 5: Payment Info


Pick your payment mode and billing cycle from the options given.

  • Click “Next Step”

Step 6: Terms & conditions


Riffle through our terms and conditions and give your consent by clicking the box given.

Click Submit

 You will now receive a pop-up welcoming you on board with an Access Dashboard button.

From here, you can successfully access our client portal dashboard.

You will also get an email with the login link and the dashboard tutorial videos to make your dashboard management easy and smooth.