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How to Manage Your Cases in the Client Portal?

The case management module comes within the client portal. We will see how you can manage your cases in this section.

You have two sections here:

  • Case list
  • Case reports

This short write-up will help you how to make use of the Case List module.

The case list contains the following categories:

     1.Date of Request:

The date on which the file is uploaded can be seen here.

    2. Case Name:

It’s the name you assign to each file at the time of upload.

     3. Version:

It says if it is the new case or additional files as marked in the below image.

     4. Case ID:

Each time you upload your new case, a new Case ID is generated automatically.

     5. Pages:

The total number of pages in your case can be found here.

    6. Priority:

It denotes if your file is of standard or expedited delivery.

     7. Status:

This section tells you the current status of your files. You can know the status, like if it is allotted for work, on the process, completed, awaiting bill, delivered or payment is made, and so on. See the same marked in the below image.

     8. Due date:

This shows the anticipated date of completed file delivery.

     9. Download:

Once the medical record review is over you can even download the finished product from here. See that the download button is only available for the completed case as noted in the below image.

   10. Options:

This section helps you to request for holding the case or canceling the case in certain circumstances. You can see three options – to view the files, request to hold or cancel the medical record review for that case.

You can view the particulars of each case by clicking the “Eye” icon under the options. You can see all the details of that particular case here.

When you click hold or cancel, a window will open, and you can type in the reason for your request to hold the case or cancel the case. The notification will be sent to the reviewer.


Simply Filter What You Need

Each of the 10 above-discussed sections has a filter option.

Example 1:


When you type the particular case name on the top, it filters and gives you all the case files with the same case name.

Example 2:


You can filter your files based on the completed files, open, ongoing, awaiting bills, and so on. You can either type the kind of status you need or the up and down arrow nearby.

Drop Your Files


You can see two buttons on the top right to upload records.

  • Drop new records:

By clicking the “+Drop new records” button, you will get the given window to enter the details and upload your files.


Enter the case name, case ID, if standard or expedited here.

If the box is unchecked, it will be considered a standard delivery.

(Standard delivery time is 5 to 7 days and expedited delivery time is within 3 business days.)

Describe the case focus of your case here to help us understand your case better.

The services, you have opted will appear as selected. You can also unselect any service if you do not need here.

If you want more additional services, you can edit them in the account module under your profile.

You can see the options to upload your files. you have two options here- direct upload and either select direct upload or Google drive or dropbox link.

By selecting the direct upload, a drag and drop box will appear to upload your case files.

Now you can upload your files in the drag & drop box here.

If you click the Google drive or dropbox link- option, a box to drop your link will appear. Type in the link and click submit.

Before clicking submit button, make sure you have given all the necessary data in the fields. Once you submit, you cannot make any changes here.

  • Additional records:

Clicking the “+Additional records” button will lead you to another window to upload your additional medical records.


You can select the case number and upload the additional records. Add any description if needed and then submit.

Before clicking submit button, make sure you have given all the necessary data in the fields. Once you submit, you cannot make any changes here.