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Know How Lucid Our Billing Estimates are?

Do you want to know our billing estimate procedures? Come, get familiar with it.

Under the billing and invoices module in the dashboard, you can see two sections, as given below.

  • Estimates
  • Invoices

In this write-up, you are going to see what our estimates have for you and what you can see in this section.


Find the list of estimates for your case reviews here. From here, you can filter the estimate you need to view under case name, estimated number or date, client number, status, case number, case name, valid date, total estimate, discount, grand total, etc.


You can check if the estimate is on appeal or approved. The estimated date and the validity date of the estimate also can be seen. By clicking the three dots under the options, you can view the estimate of that particular case.


The estimate will be as seen in the below picture.

approve-or-appeal-the estimate-so-that-we-can-start-the-review

A detailed estimate with the number of hours needed for the review and the estimated amount with discounts, if any, will be mentioned clearly. You will have the option to approve, appeal or download the estimates here.

If you don’t agree with the estimate, you can appeal by clicking the appeal button on the left-hand side of the estimate. A window will open, and you can type your comments there. The message will be sent to us, and the manager or team that deals with your case will analyze your appeal, and a revised estimate will be sent to you soon.

If you agree, click the approve button near the appeal button on the top left of the estimate, and the notification will be sent to the reviewer.

You can also view the status of your estimate like “awaiting approval,” “appealed,” or “approved” in the top right corner of your estimate. The status changes once you approve the estimate as “approved,” as seen in the right side part of the above image.

See the details of how to use the “Invoices” module in the Case Drive from here- INVOICES