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On the invoices page, you can see the list of invoices generated for you. This page offers you the chance to filter the invoices by invoice number, client number, status, invoice date, grand total, or notes.


By clicking the three dots at the end of each row, you can view the particular invoice.


The details in the invoice are as follows:

  • Service description
  • Service type
  • Number of hours worked
  • Number of hours billed
  • Amount charged
  • Discount

see-the-invoices-with status-not paid-to-paid-after-paying-the-amount

The invoices come with a status with it as ” not paid,” (see no. 1)

You can pay the bill by clicking the pay now button (see no. 3).

Once you complete the payment, the status will automatically turn to “paid,” as pointed out in the above image (see no. 2).